Friday, April 12, 2013

The Nocturnal Repose Retenchment

Sleep once again leaves me to be open and alert. I had almost reached the warm, dark shore of sleep; a wave of memories and instances pushed me back to the sand and here i stand awake and dreaming of sleep.

The last two weeks i've been battling my night-owlish tendencies  but it has been a terrible and ill-wrought war. Tonight i might, if i can find enough activities to help my mind stay alert enough, stay awake until night falls again. But i think once the sun smiles on my window my mind will cease it's childish tamper tantrum to stay awake.

I really am kind tired.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Missing Observation

It's been odd the things i've noticed about this place that differ than my old home in California, for one not many planes fly over my house. In CA it seemed every morning (or in my case of being a night-owl, early afternoon) when i stepped outside to get some fresh air or, when i still smoked, get some not so fresh air, i could always count on seeing lines of vapor trails left from aircraft no longer there. One of the biggest is no one here during the day leaves their garage open as they work a project and have classic rock music blaring from their radio; maybe this might change when the weather warms up a little more. But for now it's just such a small thing but i noticed it when i left the door open to let some air out when it was nice the other day and i was met with human silence and greeted by natures noise; birds singing and the hollow sound of wind in my ears. I'm not sure if i miss it or i just noticed the obscene of it.

One thing that does bother me is my music. Everyone song that i have on my playlist is nearly a small reminder of my time in California. My The Rentals album has always reminded me of San Jose and going to visit Aaron M. My Nujabes playlist recalls my time when i first got the albums back living with Mike, Telly and Icarus. And of course my Samurai Champloo soundtrack has major hints to Irene, the Kia driving to work and Genesis.

I'm not lonely yet, i'm trying my best to keep such an emotion at bay, but i've just been noticing the things that are missing and/or different.

I've also started my class for my English Certificate, so far after my first quiz i'm averaging a C+. God, i'm such a terrible tester.