Monday, December 29, 2014

The Home Visit.

If things pan out as they should for once, i will be back in my hometown for a few days to celebrate the New Year. Before i get into that, i should talk a little about my Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas: i did nothing, for all three. I sat inside the apartment and watched tv.

I digress.

There are no expectations of what i might feel when i get back "home". It's an experience i have seen played in many different forms; movies, but most often in novels and i can see myself reacting similarly. From the "glad to see you again", to "i love you guys but i am happy i moved away", and finally, "a miserable place for miserably like-minded people". The latter being a bit of a stretch considering i don't imagine they or myself have changed to such a glaring, unrecognizable degree where we can no longer see each as our peer.

But that's for the people. As for the land itself; the place i have memorized all the summer sunsets, to the chilly winds in fall that hurt my nose. Can scenery really provoke my nostalgia to have enough lament in my heart as we drive back? It makes me a little nervous, but i really wish to find out.

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