Monday, April 23, 2012

there isnt a lot i want. but retribution would be nice.

just for a change of pace, that would serve me well.

To have such a thing...

i could live and die happy with that.

my words with my spit taste like a darkened metal. I can't wait for the next part of this to start. if it leads me to a sea scented air path, i think i'll be happier still.

I feel that the time for emotions are over for me. I no longer wish to express myself.

if i had a drink i would toast it to being lost. I really do wish i could write. And i dont mean getting words on the  page but something i thought was fun to write.

I really do miss the days in 2003 when all i did was write. I worked, i read, i watched movies, i felt lonely after she left, i pissed off all my friends at the time, and i wrote.

God damn, i could write in those days. I really fuckin' could.

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