Friday, September 21, 2012

A new age and it's plan

After a brief stay in Virginia i've come to the conclusion i may not be fit for flying, but i'm for sure that i'm meant for travel. Which makes me want to go to Japan even more, and even though the plan to get there has changed drastically since last i've come here to write, my chances have taken a positive curve upward, it saddens me that it's still only a 60-70% chance. But that's far better than the route i was going and only having it a near 5% chance.

Ness and Irene have begin preparations for their divorce and in that wake Ness plans to throw his life in the states away and escape from his ill begotten life that has developed in Virginia. He's explained the situation to me half a dozen times and each time the image he paints gets a little clearer on how getting to Japan is going to work, however his usage of Navy lingo had me blinking at him in confusion; so after thinking about it, i came up with the perfect analogy. The ship that is going to dock in Japan is coming after deployment, so it's like school and docking is the beginning of summer. Well that means summer school is about to start and some of the teachers want their time off, so Ness wishes to transfer to that ship and be a summer school teacher, so to speak, but they still have to get his resume and see if he want him.

It's a crappy analogy, but boiled down to brass tacks it works so damn perfectly. So Ness wishes to leave as soon as he can to Japan and he wishes for me to go with him, and as much as it pains me to quote the cliche line: it's an offer i couldn't refuse. And if Ness is accepted to work on the ship i may be leaving for Japan as soon as January. The worst part is he wont know if he got the job until like October, November or even December. Which doesn't sound like a long wait, but when it's about a life changing answer, even a week is a life time. Another small bump in the road to Japan is if Ness does get the job on the ship and has to go on deployment as soon as he gets there, i'll have to wait longer to get to Japan, luckily and hopefully that waiting will be done with me in Virginia. So this way when he gets back into Japan and give me the thumbs up to come along i can put my stuff with in his and it'll be shipped to our apartment there.

While i'm optimistic about this plan, i still have glaring doubts that this will work out and that's mostly due to the fact that i want this to happen so damn bad. And if life in the past 10 years has taught me anything, is that the things i truly coven never come to fruition. So for now i'll just have to do what i can do, and that's just sit back and wait for my life to begin.

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