Sunday, September 23, 2012

Then the morning came.

Had a dream where a gal pal of mine were having an argument, which means she was mad at me and i just nodded at her silly anger and went about what i wanted to do; at a party in my house. When her illogical anger showed so sign of baiting me into a rebuttal; she started with calling names and saying things that were suppose to hurt my feelings, a trick all women do when they run out of options. When nothing was going to work and she started in on the deeper name calling, which was working, i turned very slowly, stared at her and said, "I got way more ammo in my back pocket on this, then you do me. I highly recommend that you cut it out, go take a walk or something and come back when we have both cooled off."

She screamed, "NO!" into my face. So with a blank expression i spoke a sentence (dont ask me what it was, i don't remember) and tears welled up in her eyes. She sank to the floor on her knees and covered her face with both hands and she bawled into her palms.

Everyone at the party turned to look, i stared down at her and when she looked up at me; with that same blank expression i said, "Next time, take my advise and cool down. Or next time i wont hold back. So get up, go home and go fuck yourself."

I woke up strangely mad, refreshed and had a burning need to call said gal pal and apologize. Today is going to be interesting.

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